CONVERTIBLE MUSIC by Josie Cotton (2020)

Release date: 1982 / December 4th, 2020
Record Label: BOMP! Records / Kitten Robot Records

Includes “(Let’s Do) The Blackout” as a bonus track which was on the B-side of the original 12″ for ‘Johnny, Are You Queer?’ LPs are purple vinyl ($22) with double side insert and the CD ($12) included a mini double sided poster inside!
Also available for Digital Download ($8.99)

He Could Be The One
Rockin Love
Waitin’ For Your Love
So Close
I Need The Night Tonight
(Let’s Do) The Blackout / BONUS TRACK
Johnny Are You Queer?
Systematic Way
Another Girl
Bye, Bye Baby
No Pictures of Dad
Tell Him


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