Welcome to our Circus

You drive by the building and it's nondescript; just another Los Angeles, 30's era brick storefront between a 99-cent convenience store and a children's daycare facility. Inside you are transported to... an alternative future? Dimmed lights illuminate walls of vintage circus posters and a hallway lined with hanging guitars. There are drum sets and vintage amps everywhere. At the stair landing you are engulfed by an impossible psychedelic mural; the space stretches back and back, past a wall of priceless posters documenting the coolest of Los Angeles's musical histories to, of all things, a sumptuous victorian living room. All of this wraps around the real heart of Kitten Robot: the clean and modern, perfectly designed and yet kinda insanely decorated recording studio. The kaleidoscopic carpeted floors, the walls lined with plush purple, gold and orange sound absorbent materials, the deep silence created by the heavy soundproofing, more guitars, walls of keyboards, the eerie glow of the Kemper amp profiler sitting on a shelf crammed with guitar pedals of all shapes and colors. Wandering through the space there is always more to discover: the magical, slightly out-of-tune green upright piano, the displays of hundreds of CD's and vinyl that has been recorded here, a vintage accordion and pump organ, drawers crammed with percussion, the graffiti scarred bathroom, signed by hundreds of bands in an ongoing restroom harangue of questionable etiquette. The second bathroom, a jungle of ivy and orchids. It would be a fun place to visit, but it is a workspace where a staggering amount of the most exciting music coming out of LA is produced. The most creative musical minds in Southern California return again and again. It is a hard place to leave.


Gear List

Acoustically balanced Drum and Control room designed by Jerry Stecking includes:

  • Dynaudio studio monitors (2)
  • MacPro, software, accessories
  • Protools Ultimate
  • Plugins Galore
  • BAE 1073MP Mic Pre (2)
  • BAE API Mic Pre (8)
  • Millenia Mic Pre (4)
  • Custom Soffited Steckling Studio Monitors
  • Digidesign C24
  • Manley Vari-Mu Compressor

  • MICS
  • Telefunken U-47
  • Miktek CV4
  • Royer ribbon mics
  • Misc: Sennheiser, Shure, Soyuz, AKG

  • Steiner Parker Synthacon
  • Rhodes VK 1000
  • Akai MPK 88 controller
  • Nord Lead
  • Vintage Wurlitzer Organ
  • Acoustic Piano
  • Vintage Pump Organ

  • BASS
  • Washburn Bass
  • Rickenbacker Bass
  • Ibanez Acoustic Bass

  • AMPS
  • Kemper Profiling Amplifier
  • 1964 Ampeg Gemini II
  • 1968 Marshall Plexi
  • 1962 Ampeg Fliptop
  • Carvin Legacy
  • Marshall JMP

  • DW Collectors Series
  • 1960s Slingerland Kit
  • Miscellaneous percussion, snares and cymbals

  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul
  • Gibson SJ-200 Acoustic
  • Gibson SG Classic
  • Other weird guitars!
  • *Extensive Boutique Pedal Collection

Contact Us

Interested in booking the studio or have questions?

E: RoesslerPaul@gmail.com

P: (310) 408-7192